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Simplicity Sessions 14 – Making The Shift

Episode 14 Making The Shift

  Yaaaay, whooo, hooo, we did it! We finally turned these audios into an official podcast so you can go to itunes and download any sessions you might have missed and listen on the go 🙂 Click here to subscribe and make sure you never miss another episode: In this week’s podcast, it’s back more…

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Simplicity Sessions 2: White Wine And Facebook Addiction

Episode 2 White Wine And Facebook Addiction

In the spirit of keeping these podcasts as practical as possible, this week’s Simplicity Session is on white wine and Facebook addiction!  So if you have habits that you’d rather not have, but have struggled to kick – you might want to listen in and see why your efforts may have failed so far, and more…

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New Years Resolutions and Toxic Goals

It’s New Year’s Eve – the time of year when everyone is asking what your New Years resolutions are. Are your resolutions toxic? Toxic because they are based on thoughts that you are not whole as you are? That you or your life are somehow broken and need to be fixed? Whatever you may think more…

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Motivation Is An Illusion

‘I have spent many days stringing and unstringing my instrument while the song I came to sing remains unsung.’ (Rabindranath Tagore) What do we need to do to be more motivated? Nothing. Motivation is an illusion. It’s a concept that suggests that we have to struggle to make something happen that in our hearts and more…

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How To Set Goals Properly

I was having a conversation with a client of mine recently who is in the process of building his company. It has been doing very well, and like every growing company, he is now taking on new employees and transitioning to a more management orientated role. One of his employees has been hounding him for more…

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The Pool Of Life

Yesterday I was working with my teacher at his home talking about a wide range of things when his wife mentioned playfully about the ongoing struggle to keep the pool clean from the pine-needles dropping down from the tree. Since it was a nice day, my teacher and I decided to sit next to the more…

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Life Is Not Stressful. We Are.

I realise this is a pretty bold statement, and likely to stir up quite a bit of resistance in many of you. So I write this from a very personal perspective, to avoid potentially belittling other people’s pain. I know a lot about stress. I suffered for many years from an anxiety disorder that sent more…

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