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Simplicity Sessions 13 – Dog Poo, Business, Coaching & Politics

Episode 13 Dog Poo, Coaching, Business and Politics

  Jacquie Forde was our guest this week and aside from discussion the amazing ability of dog poo to create insight (you have to listen to get it), Jacquie also shared how this understanding can impact in the world of the Scottish Parliament, and the freedom she experiences around the whole area of money. We more…

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Simplicity Sessions 8 – How To Get Back Into Creative Flow

Episode 8 How To Get Back Into Creative Flow

    This week Elizabeth came to us explaining this: ” My business is in complete transition and I am lost in thought. I get frustrated that things are not happening as quickly and as clearly as I would like and attempting to trust all is well.” And a beautiful conversation ensued about how we more…

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Simplicity Sessions 6 – Why Self Development Might Be In The Way Of You Growing Your Business

Episode 6 Kim Business Purpose

In this episode we work with Kim around some difficulties she has with her business and her frustrations expressing her purpose around it.  It was a really interesting conversation and for me really highlights how personal development ideas can potentially get in the way of our creativity and ability to create results. You can listen more…

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Creating With Ease In 2015

First off Happy New Year. For me, 2014 was a great year. It was a year characterised by creation without struggle – an idea that not that long ago would have seemed totally alien to me. As I reflected on why 2014 seemed so effortless in some ways, it dawned on me that it was more…

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The Deeper Feeling Of Creation

“If you’re listening to this in your car and you find yourself in a beautiful feeling, roll down your window, pop the tape out of the tape player, and throw it out the window. Stay with the feeling, and it will teach you everything you need to know.” (Sydney Banks) Why do our attempts to more…

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Creating The Impossible (The Power Of The Principles To Create Transformation)

At the beginning of June, I started a 2 month project to support a number of individuals to create the impossible in their life. The aim of the course was to pick a project that seemed impossible to us, but which we had enough energy around to be prepared to play with, and see where more…

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