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Simplicity Sessions 16 – Being Real About Relationships

  This week Nic and I talk get real about what’s changed in our relationships since we learned about the Principles. Here’s why you don’t need your relationship to be ‘perfect’, why it’s fine to argue, what happens to the ‘divorce movie’ you might play through your head from time to time and how much more…

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Simplicity Sessions 13 – Dog Poo, Business, Coaching & Politics

Episode 13 Dog Poo, Coaching, Business and Politics

  Jacquie Forde was our guest this week and aside from discussion the amazing ability of dog poo to create insight (you have to listen to get it), Jacquie also shared how this understanding can impact in the world of the Scottish Parliament, and the freedom she experiences around the whole area of money. We more…

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Simplicity Sessions 12 – The Practical Implications Of The Principles In Business

Episode 12 The Practical Implications of the Principles in Businessxcf

  Our guest today was Cheryl Bond. Cheryl discovered the Principles in 1999 and was able to see the practical implications in her role at BAE systems for 13 years. Since then she’s worked as an executive coach, and it was great to hear her stories and insights about helping businesses get the results they more…

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Simplicity Sessions 11 – Can Weightloss Be Simple?

Episode 11 Can Weightloss Be Simple

  In today’s episode we talk to Georgiana who was looking for a fresh perspective on losing weight. This was a verrrrrry interesting conversation for both Nicola and I. Myself, because I have never been on a diet in my life and don’t have any thinking about my weight. And for Nicola because (by her more…

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Simplicity Sessions 10 – Are You Overthinking It?

Episode 10 Are You Overthinking It

Wow, it’s our tenth episode already! Today we talk to Shailia Stephens-Wursig as she contemplates whether leaving behind one successful business to start a new project is just downright stupid. We looked at the true nature of creativity, and how easy it is to get in our own way just by over-thinking it. Here it more…

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Simplicity Session 9 – Creating The G-Pot

Episode 9 The G Pot

  In this episode we meet David Key, who I originally met whilst I was facilitating a group for Nicola over 18 months ago.  At the time we met, David had just enrolled on “Creating The Impossible” – a program run by Michael Neill, and in this podcast we hear the amazing story of the more…

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Simplicity Sessions 8 – How To Get Back Into Creative Flow

Episode 8 How To Get Back Into Creative Flow

    This week Elizabeth came to us explaining this: ” My business is in complete transition and I am lost in thought. I get frustrated that things are not happening as quickly and as clearly as I would like and attempting to trust all is well.” And a beautiful conversation ensued about how we more…

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Simplicity Sessions 7 – “The Space Within” – With Michael Neill

Episode 7 Space Within Michael Neill

In this episode, Nicola and I had the pleasure of speaking with our mentor, Michael Neill, about his recent book release – “The Space Within”. It was a lovely conversation, and I came away seeing even more how understanding more about our spiritual nature really holds the key to us finding everything we really seek more…

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Simplicity Sessions 6 – Why Self Development Might Be In The Way Of You Growing Your Business

Episode 6 Kim Business Purpose

In this episode we work with Kim around some difficulties she has with her business and her frustrations expressing her purpose around it.  It was a really interesting conversation and for me really highlights how personal development ideas can potentially get in the way of our creativity and ability to create results. You can listen more…

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The Nature Of Happiness And Success


“Don’t aim at success – the more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it, for success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue and it only does so at the unintended side effect of one’s personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself or more…

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