“Relationships don’t complete us. They provide a venue that challenges us to discover a deeper understanding of our own innate wholeness. This facilitates a deeper expression of unconditional love both for ourselves and for our partner”. (John El-Mokadem)

Are you struggling to relate to your partner?
Are you locked in a battle of blame and disharmony?
Are you angry because you think your partner doesn’t meet your needs anymore?
Are you considering leaving your relationship, because it just won’t work?
Are you stuck in cycles of breaking up and getting back together?
Do you want to transform your relationship even if your partner doesn’t?

If so, then relationship coaching may be for you.

Relationships can be tough. You see contrary to what we have been taught – a healthy relationship is not made up of two individuals coming together to be “complete”.  It is made up of two whole individuals who want to be together out of unconditional love.   So whenever we get caught in painful experiences and spirals of blame and control, the root of it lies in us mistakenly seeking our wholeness from our partner. This misunderstanding keeps us locked in an illusion that makes us think that unless our partner conforms to some ideal of how we think they “should” be, that we will somehow not be okay.

When we see through this misunderstanding, we can create transformation in our relationships whether or not both partners wish to work on it.

“The whole process was really effective…I came away feeling that certain things had been resolved in my head that I’d just been hanging on to, not knowing how to move on from. The process left me with a sense of belief that went beyond understanding and finally let me put the past in the past and allowed me to gain a clear picture of who I really am.” (Catherine Dixon, UK)

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