There is a deeper intelligence behind Life. It is waiting to guide you in navigating whatever situations you face. The trouble is, that most of us are looking for that wisdom in the wrong place.

You see, it looks to me like many of us are innocently caught up in an illusion about life.

That what we feel and our experience of life is directly linked to our circumstances. And whilst it looks that way, it seems like we feel our bank balance, our job situations, and our spouse’s behaviour.

This illusion keeps us locked in an exhausting struggle to control our circumstances in an attempt to feel better about them. Anxiety and stress are common. We feel disconnected from others and from life itself. There is a sense that we just can’t rest until we have controlled everything and made it look the way we think it should.

I want to help you look in a different direction.

To help you find that peace of mind, wellbeing and sense of ‘Home’ that is your birthright. It does not exist outside of you. It isn’t in a set of circumstances, a goal, a person or an achievement. In fact, we are only ever just one thought away from it.

It lies within.

And as you begin to see that it is only ever you that gets in the way of being at ‘Home’, you will connect back with that deeper intelligence behind life.

Uncertainty and confusion will be replaced by Knowing.

Stress will be replaced by a sense of Wellbeing.

You will have more time to do what you really love, because you will be freed up from all the things you were doing to change your world to feel better about it.

You will find it easier to connect to others.

You will sink back into your natural creative space and find it far easier to achieve.

There are no tools and techniques. Just a gentle conversation where we look at some basic Principles that underlie our experience of life.

Come join me in the space of infinite potential and lets begin…

“Having worked with a number of coaches over the years I have found John’s approach incredibly refreshing and genuinely life-changing…”  Jon Cunningham, Director, UK.