Have you ever thought about how life really works?

I believe that as coaches we are only able to help our clients to the degree to which we are grounded in the following principles about life:

– Everything is connected.
– There is a greater intelligence that is living through us all.
– We are all already whole and everything we need is already available to us.
– Our innate wellbeing is totally within our control, and is our natural state, no matter what is happening.
– The degree to which we know what we want is mostly only available to us in the greater wisdom of the moment.

Traditional coaching models see each client as a separate entity, fighting their way through life to make things work the way they want them to. We have clients set all sorts of goals for making these things happen and set time-lines for their achievement. Their lives become about moulding each day towards their design, as if life was somehow all about them and everything was wrong and needed fixing.

The problem with this model, though, is that it is grounded in a principle that does not stand up to scrutiny. If we, and our clients, really are fully in control of things and are able to create results the way that goal setting would suggest, then the theory should work to the extreme, and without exception. In this case, goal setting should work all the time and we ‘should’ always be able to create exactly what we think we want.

The facts are that we don’t ‘need’ to do anything and are neither broken nor fully in control of life. We need to ground our clients back into an their inherently healthy state of mind, so that the things they do in the world no longer stem from a need to overcome perceived inadequacies in themselves and their outer world.  Rather they are driven by wisdom, wellbeing and inspiration and a resilience that no matter what is happening, their State of Mind does not have to be affected by outside circumstances.

Implications for coaches of State of Mind Coaching
– The coaching process becomes much simpler and is simply a function of pointing our clients back to their wellbeing to allow them to be guided by their intuition.
– Our coaching ability is simply a function of the depth of our grounding and the degree to which we see how we get in the way of our own wellbeing.
– Tools become far less relevant in favour of the client’s own inherent wisdom.
– All we need to help our clients is available to us as we connect to the infinite potential of the moment.

Benefits to our clients of State of Mind Coaching
– They see that there are no real ‘problems’.
– Stress is a thing of the past.
– There is no need to motivate oneself to achieve.
– They are liberated to follow their joy.
– Their wellbeing is a choice that is available to them at any moment, no matter what is happening.
– Results happen far more effortlessly, and our clients are even less attached to their achievement than ever.