Going Home – An Exploration In Creating And Living With Ease

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About 10 years ago I embarked on a journey. In some ways, it feels like the journey chose me rather than me choosing it. It started out simply as a journey to escape a deep depression that I found myself in. I longed for meaning. I craved a way to escape the struggle of life. Everything seemed to be hard – like it was ‘on me’.

It felt like a heavy burden to carry. And I wasn’t very good at carrying it.

I learned a lot over that last 10 years.

For much of the time it always looked to me like I was lacking something. A magic strategy. A relationship. A better job. I was constantly striving for something ‘out there’.

Then one day I woke up to something. At the time I had goals for every area of my life. I also realised that after all these years of learning strategies and tools and techniques, I wasn’t actually very good at making any of these goals happen.

At the same time my friend Nicola Bird was setting goals and achieving nearly every one of them. And yet each time she experienced a momentary high then felt deflated, before jumping straight back on the treadmill going for the next one. So that wasn’t working either.

I asked myself what I thought would be better if I made these goals happen.

“You’ll be happier” was the answer that came back.

And then I realised I was more miserable than ever.

At that moment I started to see something. My life wasn’t lacking anything. I just thought it was. I was exactly where I needed to be. I didn’t need anything to be different.

When I really saw this, so many of the goals fell away. I felt the weight lift off my shoulders. I found myself feeling free.

At Home.

I began to see that what I was seeking wasn’t out there. It was within. I was just looking in the wrong direction for it.

But what surprised me was how easy life became when the temptation to seek began to melt away.

– I became more present to opportunities all around me.

– Work became easier.

– Relationships felt stronger and more connected.

– I found myself with a business.

– My health improved.

I began to see that life was inherently creative. That there was an intelligence that was already at work when I saw that life wasn’t ‘about me’.

It was like I had been given the instructions to the game of life.

I’d like to invite you to join me on a similar journey. A journey of remembering our true nature and how life works that will impact every area of your life.  

This 5-month program will be co-run with my friend and colleague, Nicola Bird. Nicola is a successful entrepreneur, Transformative Coach and owner of Jigsawbox. I had the pleasure of apprenticing with Michael Neill at the same time as her in 2014. As we continued our journey, we both began to see similar insights into how simple every aspect of our life could be as we really understood the Principles behind our human experience. It is this understanding that we would like to share with you on this program.

Over the course of 5 months, we’ll dive deep into exploring what it is to create and live with ease and simplicity – in our life, relationships and our work/businesses.

Other prominent practitioners, with a wide and varied business and life experience, will join us along the way in a monthly masterclass. You’ll have a chance to engage with them as they share their own unique way of seeing the Principles and how they relate to every aspect of our exploration.

What’s Included:

– 3 live weekends. (11/12th October, 22/23rd November, 10/11th January) in London area.

– Monthly group pod calls with John and Nicola

– Masterclasses with other prominent practitioners (Currently enrolled – Dicken Bettinger / Ian Watson / Barb Patterson / Cheryl Bond)

– 6 One to one coaching sessions (3 with John and 3 with Nicola)

– Dedicated Private Facebook Group for us to share insights during the 5 months.

– Total Investment – £4995.





Live Event / One To One Coaching / Pod Faculty:

John ProfileJohn El-Mokadem
Honestly – I hate writing bio’s about myself! Yes I have qualifications and if you are interested in them, then feel free to have a look here. But here’s what I would say. See if what I wrote above resonates with you. Read some of my blogs on my website. Hopefully they will help you get a feel for ‘me’, and if you still would like more, then I am more than happy to chat with you. Simply reach out to me by clicking here, and we’ll organise a time! I chose all the people I worked with over the years based on feeling, even when sometimes it didn’t make sense. I have never regretted it!

Nicola BirdNicblackandwhite
My name is Nicola Bird and I am a coach, an entrepreneur, a seven-figure business owner, a mother, a wife, a crazy puppy owner, a wine-lover, an occasional yoga bunny and pretty much an ordinary woman.

At The Simplicity Project, I work with entrepreneurs (especially high-achieving women) who are working too hard, struggling too often and feeling like there’s something missing from their experience of life.

Masterclass Faculty:

DickenDicken Bettinger
Dicken Bettinger, Ed.D., received his doctorate in counseling psychology and practiced as a licensed clinical psychologist for 32 years. In 1986 he met Sydney Banks and feels fortunate that for 23 years he was able to learn the 3 Principles directly from him. Dicken co-founded one of the first 3P centers in the US. Dicken was a senior staff at Pransky and Associates for 16 years, where he developed and led corporate and university leadership trainings, team development, and executive coaching. In 2012 Dicken founded Three Principles Mentoring. He offers 4-day immersion retreats for individuals and couples; 3P practitioner supervision; Skype mentoring (mentoring people in 20 countries); and internships. He shares the 3Ps in seminars throughout the US and worldwide. Dicken is currently writing a book on the 3Ps with Natasha Swerdloff called Being Home. Dicken has been married to Coizie for 46 years. He is blessed with two adult children and two adored grandchildren. He enjoys photography, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and traveling.

B1 - Version 2Barb Patterson
Barbara Patterson is the owner of principle-based coaching and consulting company bringing the insights of the Principles to clients around the world. She has over 20 years experience coaching & working globally as both an internal executive and outside consultant. She has worked with and coached CEO’s and top executives from all regions of the world, has built a successful consulting and coaching business and has mentored others to do the same.

Barb has lived across the US, Africa and in Paris. Her diverse global portfolio includes work with businesses, their leaders, teams, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants in various fields of work.Today, in addition to running her own coaching & consulting business, Barb is partnering with Linda & George Pransky developing Principles-Based Practitioners through mentoring, training and one-on-one work. She is also co-teaching the Advanced Course of Michael Neill’s SuperCoach Academy 2016.

Ian WatsonIan Watson
Ian Watson is an author, trainer and consultant who has worked in the field of natural health and personal transformation since 1988. He has written four books and many published articles, created numerous audio programmes and travelled extensively giving seminars, courses and retreats around the world.

Ian became widely known as a speaker and writer in homeopathy, which he taught and practised for fifteen years. He founded and directed a practitioner training school from 1993-2003. He has also studied and practiced a wide range of techniques for emotional and psychological well-being, always seeking out the simplest and most effective methods he could find.

Ian’s work is now based exclusively on the understanding of mind, thought and consciousness, uncovered by the late Sydney Banks. Learning these principles has proven to be the ‘missing link’, pulling together all of the threads that Ian has explored during the past three decades.

Ian has completed an intensive Three Principles Trainer’s Training programme with Cathy Casey and Dr Mark Howard, and founded The Insight Space in 2013 as a vehicle for his own principle-based training programmes and seminars.

Ian has taught the principles to many groups in the UK and Ireland, and also in Croatia, Canada, Egypt, Finland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and the Czech Republic. He also works as a consultant trainer for a multi-national company.

CBCheryl Bond
Cheryl Bond ED.D., SPHR founded Essential Resilience after 20 years as an accomplished learning and organizational development professional. Nearly a decade ago, she was introduced to Sydney Banks (1931-2009) whose teachings describe how we create the experience of life through our thinking and the limitless potential for new thought. The resulting insights transformed her approach to training and coaching, and she saw dramatic improvements in individual and team effectiveness. She was inspired to focus her work on helping others gain confidence in their capacity for new, more helpful thinking – their resilience.

In 2005, Cheryl completed a dissertation at Boston University that chronicled the impact that leadership training based upon Sydney Banks’ three principles had on the culture and performance of a division of BAE Systems. Stemming from this work, she developed a framework of training and development activities that helped people harness the power of thought to become more resilient.

Through Essential Resilience, Cheryl teaches individuals and teams to increase their resilience in the face of change, uncertainty and ambiguity. Her unique approach to changing behavior and improving personal performance through self-awareness delivers insights long after the training, coaching, or consulting session has ended.