Ending The Struggle

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Even if we are successful people, we all struggle from time to time. In fact, when people first engage with me for coaching, often it is because there is an area of their life that feels hard or difficult, and they want to be able to find a way of excelling with it that is much simpler and flowing.

We can feel out of flow in any area of our lives, whether is it in our relationships or business, or whether we are trying to create something new. In fact, our society seems to encourage struggling as a means to an end.

Personally, I know about struggle intimately. In my life I have struggled relentlessly in every area of my life:

– Struggles in relationships13313463_10153419665160194_417791311_o
– Struggles to build business
– Struggles to be healthy
– Struggles to find solutions
– Struggles just to be happy

Amongst many others.

Unlike many people, I didn’t actually manage to create much from a place of struggle, other than make myself sick. And that illness was a wake up call for me. I began an exploration to find a new way to be in relationship to life, because what I had been doing clearly was not working. It was time for something new.

What I discovered was not a 10 step plan for success. It wasn’t a new breakthrough set of strategies.


I discovered something a bit different. It was a set of Principles, discovered by the late Philosopher Sydney Banks, that described how the Mind works, and that pointed to our true nature. I explored these Principles and they helped me to understand life better. They helped me to see how life worked. And they weren’t something I had to believe in or had to practice. They were like the principles of gravity – they were at work irrespective of what I thought about them.

The more I explored these Principles through the lenses of my struggles, the more insights I experienced, and the more I found myself settling down. I felt a sense of relief! And as I did I noticed an already pre-existing movement to life.

I began to realise that we were never actually out of the ‘flow’!

From this realisation, it became easier to just ‘know’ what to do, and it was as if change occurred organically, without all the struggle. I found myself more connected to the people in my life, and a feeling of wellbeing was much more apparent day to day. I found it easier to solve problems and create new things and began to see that wherever we struggled in life, it was because we were not seeing the truth of these Principles within that context.

The answer, then, to ending the struggle was always the same – to deepen our understanding of these Principles and to understand how life really works.

And so it occurred to me that I’d like to take a few people on a journey of exploration, and share with them what I have seen about these Principles. I’d like to invite you to join me to do exactly what I did and explore them through the lens of the different areas of our lives with the aim of building your understanding and helping you see why everything that you seek is actually so much simpler than it looks. The topics will be governed by the needs of the group, but broadly speaking we will cover relationships, business, creativity and health and wellbeing to name but a few.

You will experience:

– A greater sense of wellbeing and relief from the things in your life that you have been struggling with.
– A sense of possibility and an openness to explore new things as you begin to see that your wellbeing is not dependent on your circumstances.
– Access to the greater levels of creativity and problem solving
– The possibility to be far more present, less stressed and more connected in your relationships.

The programme is designed be interactive, since we all learn from each other’s insights, and numbers are strictly limited to 10 people only. It will run for 8 weeks and will be conducted online, so can be accessed from anywhere that you have an Internet connection and a computer/mobile device. It includes:

– 2 one to one sessions with me. One just before we begin the programme and one to be taken whenever you wish during the programme.
– Weekly 90 minute webinar where each week we will collectively explore a new topic. This will happen on Wednesday nights at 8pm UK (12pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern).
– Relevant pre-work before each session – this won’t be extensive, but will include things like watching a short video or reading an article.
– Private and secret Facebook group for us to share our insights and learnings between calls.

We will start on the 20th July, and the cost of the group will be £500 (approx. $730).

There are no major pre-requisites for this programme, other than you must have an adequate Internet connection and computer (Mac/PC or mobile device), and you will need a willingness to share on both the calls and within the Facebook group. The programme is suitable for anyone, irregardless of their understanding of 3 Principles, and whilst not specifically aimed at coaches and practitioners – participation will be useful in terms of deepening your own understanding which will ultimately impact your ability to help your own clients.

Enrolment is by application, so if something you have read here speaks to you then please do drop me a line. Please contact me to find out more.