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“John El-Mokadem is a born teacher and a wonderfully gifted coach. He stands as a quiet but unwavering advocate for the power of a spiritual understanding in transforming the mind and body and creating results in the world.”
-Michael Neill, bestselling author of “The Inside-Out Revolution”

I've had numerous business and personal breakthroughs through spending time with John and I can't recommend him highly enough if you're looking for a transformational (rather than simply helpful) coach.

“John refuses to indulge my stories of what’s going on inside my thinking and instead always gently points me back to how we create our experience. This results in my own wisdom becoming apparent to me as I experience new insights into problems I thought I had at the start of the call! I’ve had numerous business and personal breakthroughs through spending time with John and I can’t recommend him highly enough if you’re looking for a transformational (rather than simply helpful) coach.”

Nicola Bird, UK

“With his warm and engaging conversation John deeply listens but has a knack of pointing you back to where your experience comes from.

His style of coaching is tangential to ‘traditional’ styles of coaching and I found my brain being ‘short circuited’ on my first session! But from that place of settled down thinking emerged a beautiful and quiet wisdom. As a direct result I have experienced massive leaps in both my feelings of calm and wellbeing and also in my professional performance. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”
Katie Duncan, UK

Working with John for the last six months has been eye opening, thought provoking and calming!
“His sign posting has helped me to recognise that my thoughts create my experience and I have the power within myself to have the wisdom I need when I need it! My focus on needing a logical explanation at all times has led to some engaging and challenging (from my side!) conversations with John in relation to the three principles. Whilst his absolute belief in the principles is clear he elegantly changes the course of the conversation if he can see my logical brain getting in the way! Coaching with John is not about talking through issues, discussing them and working to a solution; it’s about challenging how real the issue is and reflecting on your own internal insight to understand the best approach for you. When I first started working with John I was always looking for answers but I now feel calm, more relaxed and believe that no matter what I will be OK!”

Amy Baxendale, UAE

Your world will never be the same again….that’s all I can say. Thanks John.

Hasna Razzak, UK

Whether it's a business or personal issue go see him. He stands out from the crowd…

There are coaches, counsellors and experts a-plenty these days. There are shed loads of self help blogs, books, DVDs and workshops. In all this cacophony and confusion it is imperative to find a still centre of truthfulness. This is what you will get with John El Mokadem, no baloney, no Secret! Just a very open, flowing and helpful approach. What’s more this guy actually listens! And what he has to say makes a lot of common sense too. Whether it’s a business or personal issue go see him. He stands out from the crowd.
Keith Chopping, Actor, UK

Having worked with a number of coaches over the years I have found John's approach incredibly refreshing and genuinely life-changing…

Rather than try to solve symptoms with clever models, John’s approach is to start in the most logical place: with the person he is coaching and their state of mind. His aim is to “show you all the ways in which you get in the way of being in your optimal state of mind” which to me sounded quite abstract, but feels in practice very natural – yet hugely powerful.  John is challenging but sensitive and highly empathetic – and I find every session with him genuinely enlightening. In short. I couldn’t recommend John more highly to anyone who wants to create real change in their personal or professional life.
Jon Cunningham, Director, UK

What John does is difficult to explain, uncomfortable to experience (at first), but is life changing...

‘John does not come from this planet’, or that is what I thought when we first started to engage in what you could conventionally call coaching, except that it isn’t coaching, it is something else looking in the opposite direction to what Performance coaching would normally do, and certainly more effective for me. John’s concepts focus on ‘well being’, a concept which seemed so alien, having lived a working existence of thinking the only way to get the volume of work done ‘that I expected of myself’ was sheer grit, blood, sweat and tears. What John was suggesting was more than a paradigm shift for me, it was a total overhaul of many of the beliefs I have about my life style and ways of working. Without judgment, he held up the mirror to what I was doing and how the world around me had shaped what success should look like and how in turn I was contorting and compromising my authentic self to fit the mould. This existence had created friction in many points of my life leading me to do things that I thought I needed to do, rather than those things I wanted to do, those things that inspired me. Rather than ensuring I was aligned and grounded in my well-being and listening to my intuition I was doing everything to stifle the inner voice and coming from a family of workaholics with a history of heart problems I was heading to one place and it wasn’t going to be pretty. John speaks with a confidence which is rarely seen in the ‘coaching’ fraternity and that is because he has been that person, attached to certain beliefs about success and the impact that has on health, relationships and life in general. I would recommend John to anyone who thinks that life has got out of balance, that would like to do more of what they want to, and less of what they ‘should’ do. It is tough to let go and make the shift, but wholly worth it.
Simon, Director, UK.

Over the last 13 years I have had the opportunity to work with hundred of coaches, John is without doubt the best...

He is equipped with all the fundamentals which in my mind make a great coach, he is empathetic, curious, challenging, non judgmental and most of all listens well enough to actually SEE the person he is coaching. John has found a way to use his considerable intellect in harmony with his intuition which means I always feel I am having a conversation rather than being at the receiving end of a formulaic coaching process. Whilst he has numerous qualification, models, books, theories, courses at his disposal he is not attached to any of them, choosing instead to focus in the moment on the conversation and the person he is with. John is all the stronger for recognising his own human frailties, and has real courage in offering real person experiences that help him connect to the people he works with. As director of Zoom, having worked with over 80 companies around the world, I would always recommend John to anyone truly seeking to make a transformation in there personal and professional life.”
Barry Holmes, Managing Director, UK

I can honestly say that since my first coaching session with John I have found myself on a refreshing journey of de-cluttering and both mental and physical healing...

By challenging my own thoughts and perceptions John has enabled me to see, feel and understand what was always buried within me beneath the clutter and ‘gremlin layers’ which have suffocated my thoughts and exerted all sorts of pressures and stresses in the last few years. Most importantly John has been a friend as well as a coach and his kind, genuine and sensitive nature puts you at immediate ease. As a result, John has enabled me to shed light on the core issues that lie beneath the more immediate ones; and in turn, encouraged me to act and find the right solutions for ME. Thanks to John’s efforts over the last couple of months my head is now so much clearer and my health issues have improved dramatically. Instead of shying away and absorbing those stresses life throws at me I am now embracing them with open arms and managing them from a place of calm and tranquillity. I can’t recommend coaching with John highly enough
Alex Lipitch, Business Development Executive, UK

...if you are looking for a 'breath of fresh air' in your life his understanding is valuable and inspirational.

John has a unique way of seeing things and works in a remarkable intuitive manner. He has gifts and insights to offer the world and has the determination to follow through on his vision. I am sure John’s coaching practice will continue to expand and if you are looking for a ‘breath of fresh air’ in your life his understanding is valuable and inspirational.
Free Spirit, Forex Trader and Author, Tenerife

From the first session with John, I reached unbelievable clarity and relief...

For the past two years, I have spent many many days trying to figure out my pain, and got nowhere.  From the first session with John, I reached unbelievable clarity and relief.  It feels so clear now that I only wonder how I couldn’t see it before. I have never felt better, happier, and stronger. Thanks John for making me remember and teaching me to be…
Doaa Al-Sharif, Housewife, San Diego, USA

John is a superb coach, both instinctively and technically; drawing upon exemplary levels of authenticity, empathy and humility…

 John also just happens to have been a key contributor to the conceptualising, creation and delivery of some of the most powerful learning experiences it has been my pleasure to be involved with.  Top Drawer
Adrian Cook, Director, UK.

I now feel free to go in the direction that I desire…

When we first met a few months ago I felt trapped and frustrated and could see no clear way forward either generally or specifically with my job. On top of that I had little or no idea where I wanted to go, and was certainly ignoring any inkling that I did have.  At the start of the coaching process I felt at times tremendous resistance to what I perceived to be somewhat self indulgent, new age fluff, yet very quickly it became clear that I have a great many subconscious and unexamined beliefs which are at best unhelpful and at worst positively damaging to my happiness and outward performance. Talking the issues through seemed to effortlessly expose these beliefs, which once exposed lost much of their power over me and I am now able to let them come and go without worrying about them (well, most of the time anyway). I now feel free to go in the direction that I desire and although this freedom is accompanied by greater uncertainty and some apprehension I feel very positive and excited about the possibilities. Having written this I realise that this has focussed on my experience rather than what I felt about your coaching but I think this is really a compliment because I felt that you were very much able to facilitate this change but did not get in the way or at any time try to inject your own ideas of how things should go. Using the catalyst analogy you dramatically sped up the rate of change without interfering with the reaction.
Alastair Brown, PhD Graduate, UK

Well quite simple exquisite and extraordinary...This coaching was the perfect thing for me at the perfect time...

Actually I am finding it hard to capture this in words – which can only be a good thing! What works so well – the space you create for me – I don’t understand it and don’t want to, your insights and knowledge are wonderful :o) , coaching style and sense of humour work well for me. It’s “weird” as I never come to a call expecting anything and what shows up is the thing I need coaching on. I love the way this works  – almost automatic – just what is supposed to be there is. I find that in your presence the words and whatever is there just tumbles out of me and I guess that’s why I haven’t been doing the pre coaching forms as much as I haven’t needed too.  So what I am trying to say in a round about way is that it is unquantifable the space of contribution that you are for me. It really is quite magical and transforming and I now find I don’t much care for trying to explain it.  That feels like trying to box in something that doesn’t belong in a box of words.  You are a blimmin’ guru John! What is happening as a result of the coaching – my coaching ability has gone through the roof! More confident, a greater sense of freedom and incredible peace. And a new level of understanding of the identities and layers of me. In my day to day life I am so much happier as I am dropping away all the shoulds and musts and getting in line with the flow of what’s right for me. I am sitting here asking myself what do I want now? Right now the answer is to continue with the coaching for longer than 3 months. To show myself to people more and more and to continue. This coaching was the perfect thing for me at the perfect time.
Sarah Pridham, Relationship Coach, UK

A truly enjoyable and valuable experience...

I was unsure what to expect before the coaching…I was amazed how much was revealed, things I wasn’t even aware of that were clearly a problem but that I had failed to identify. With time and coaching, I was pleasantly surprised by my own ability to manage these issues and I have learned techniques to use in the future when inevitably I will have to cope with difficulties! A truly enjoyable and valuable experience.
Dr. Una O’Colmain,Opthalmology Registrar, UK

The whole process was really effective...

I came away feeling that certain things had been resolved in my head that I’d just been hanging on to, not knowing how to move on from. The process left me with a sense of belief that went beyond understanding and finally let me put the past in the past and allowed me to gain a clear picture of who I really am.
Catherine Dixon, Teacher, UK

I have undergone a period of tremendous growth and learning, that has helped me to live with greater clarity, ease and grace.

John El-Mokadem is an incredible coach. Through reading his articles and through crucial conversations, I now have a deeper and more profound understanding that has opened up new ways of looking at life’s journeys, relationships, optimal performance, pursuit of excellence, among others. Thanks to John, I have undergone a period of tremendous growth and learning, that has helped me to live with greater clarity, ease and grace.”
Julinda Mega, Singapore

John has definitely succeeded in helping me and this is a point where many others have failed…

The best thing about John is that he is a terrific listener. He really ‘listened’ to what I was saying and helped me clarify what I’m passionate about and the overall way forward. He also reminded me that its really important to enjoy the moment – I have forgotten that from time to time in my general rush to be doing ‘stuff’. John has definitely succeeded in helping me and this is a point where many others have failed…I must add that he is great company!
Nicolina Andall, Solicitor, UK