John is a Transformative Coach based in London, UK.

Having graduated from the University of London with a Bachelors degree in Economics and a Masters in Business Information Systems, John started his career as an IT Consultant, working for Accenture Services. Whilst there, he developed a reputation as a performance troubleshooter for complicated IT implementations and was consistently rated amongst the top 10% within the firm.

After 3 years at Accenture, John decided to take a leave of absence from his career and accidentally became exposed to the value of coaching.  He was so inspired by what he learnt and the difference it made to him personally that he realised that this was his calling and set out to retrain as a coach. He began reading hundreds of self-development books and training with a multitude of different coaching philosophies. He went on to coach numerous individual clients and worked with a number of large corporations, teaching coaching and leadership skills.

As part of his own development, however, he began to notice flaws with the traditional ‘outside-in’ coaching models. He realised that much of the time what he was seeking in pursuing goals was a sense of peace and wellbeing. Traditional coaching models tend to feed the illusion that this is something that is only available to us when we actually achieve what we think we want. The problem with this is it risks deferring our wellbeing to a point in the future, and keeps us locked into a cycle of ‘needing’ to achieve, and fearing what will happen if we don’t.

This realisation caused John to begin working ‘inside-out’. He works with his clients to understand the Principles that underlie their human experience.  This holds the key to them understanding their state of mind and transforms their experience of life, helping them to connect to much deeper levels of wellbeing no matter what is happening with their circumstances.   From here, they are able to engage their life and work from a state of flow, ease and resilience, which enables them to be far more productive, creative and happier.

John has been, and continues to be, coached regularly as part of his own learning, believing that it is critical for him to be actively engaged and coached in what he teaches to enable him to be of service to others.

In 2014, John completed a one year apprenticeship with internationally renowkned coach, Michael Neill.  This experience was deeply valuable in helping John to make large shifts with his own health and wellbeing.  It also helped him to see on a much deeper level how success, simplicity and wellbeing were all intrinsically related, and that we don’t need to struggle to create results in our lives.